On your next brake pad replacement why not get an upgrade?

Ask us about our A.T.E ceramic pads.

Are you sick of your rims always being full of brake dust? Your B.M.W & Mercedes -Benz are fitted with expensive sports rims and are slowly getting destroyed from conventional brake pads dust which is a combination of carbon fibers, metal filings and adhesives generated as brake pads press against rotors. This dust not only makes your expensive wheels look unsightly but can also etch into your wheels slowly destroying them.

A.T.E ceramic brake pads work cleanly, quietly and with lower wear. The innovative brake pad mixture also reduces the amount of noise when braking. Annoying squealing and humming are effectively suppressed. Comparison tests have shown that A.T.E ceramic pads wear significantly less than standard brake pads. So extend the service life of your brake rotors and come and see us at Adelaide Luxury Motors.